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Project Made 28 


We are proud to partner up with Project Made 28 in 2015. This project was

started to give people simple ideas for a Random Act of Kindness! Our

contribution to Project Made 28 is a Messenger/Book Bag that can be made

at home and donated to one of the girls in our program.


A bag will be sent to each girl as she commences her scholarship or training, so that she can carry all the school supplies needed! We encourage you to take a look at the different projects and participate to make this world a better place! 




Click here for the Project Loved Messenger Bag




Click here for all 28 Project Ideas



For shipping information, please email us at    

or click here. 







Your donations are hugely appreciated and every penny helps. You can keep track of each child's individual story right here on our website to see what their goals and dreams are, how they are doing in school and much more! Click here to Support the Mission. 


Group Scholarships

Your family, church or group can also provide a scholarship for a child! It is easy for your group to provide a full yearly scholarship for a child! You will receive photos, letters and plenty of updates on the child benefiting from your scholarship. And yes, you can send them letters, cards and photos so that they know who you are! Contact us here. 




Every year we host several FUNdraiser events including 5K's, Concerts, Dinners.. Click here for our Events page to join in the fun or for volunteer opportunities. 



Spread the word

Someone in your circle may well be interested in a corporate scholarship or merchandise. We truly appreciate you sharing the success stories, events and products with others and liking/sharing the posts on social media. You can find us on Facebook by clicking HERE. 





                      We thank you for your support of this Project 

           and your participation in giving them a better future!