“Educating girls may be the single highest return investment available in the developing world"

 Lawrence Summers

(former Harvard University president and former director of the Presidencial National Economic Council)



"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world"

Nelson Mandela

 (revolutionary, formed President of South Africa and philanthropist)



“If you educate a child, there will be no poverty"

Malala Yousafzai

 (Pakistani school pupil, education activist and the youngest ever Nobel Peace Prize Laureate)



          Our mission is to enrich, empower and uplift children of poverty, globally,

by promoting education and providing educational scholarships, to break the cycle of poverty for the child, their families and their communities at large. 



By providing children in orphanages with a college, university or trade school education, each child is granted a chance. A real chance at life - not succumbed to a vicious cycle of poverty - but a chance at financial independence, a chance to grow, be prosperous and in turn help the communities around them by giving back, creating jobs, and helping others. 


Tertiary educational scholarships provided to children in developing countries influences massive growth. Medical specialists, legal representatives, agricultural and farming specialists, business owners and political advisors are all industries that need local sustainability. The children who benefit from our scholarship program all have a heart for their people and desire to better their communities. They dream of becoming teachers, doctors, lawyers and scientists and they want to be in school to study. They do not yet fully understand the poverty that surrounds them and the consequences this has on their lives. We aim to be an intervention and not only change the life of a child and their direct family, but change the course of history, so that children will have the opportunities they so desire, to make this world a better place. The future lies in the hands of the children and with their good hearts and a little helping hand, we will see a better tomorrow.


"Educated women tend to be healthier, participate more in the formal labor market, earn more income, have fewer children, and provide better health care and education to their children, all of which eventually improve the well-being of all individuals and can lift households out of poverty. These benefits also transmit across generations, as well as to communities at large.(1)"


Long term, Project Loved scholarships will be granted to children all over the world in Africa, India, Thailand, Malaysia, South and Central America, the United States and more.






Project LOVED is an active branch of outreach under Gateway Community Church in San Marcos, CA. 




Annelien Williamson



Hello! I am Annelien - a South African born Australian who

now lives in San Diego, California. I realized the gravity 

of poverty in Haiti when I visited the Agape Orphanage in

Carrefour in 2014. It was sortof incomprehensible how 

the people we met on our journey still had inner joy and such 

strong faith.


I fell completely in love with the giggles and hugs and the

amazing personalities of these beautiful kids! They are so much



When I got back home, my concern was for their futures. 

Currently, we are providing for them to go to school and have room and board at the orphanage. We know that despite some very difficult circumstances, they are being taken care of, for now. 


The deeper I dug, the more I came to the stark realization that once these children "age out" of their orphanage environment, their options are very slim. In those situations, girls often resort to prostitution or finding a boy that they then depend on to take care of them - even more often the boy leaves as soon as any pregnancy occurs and the cycle of poverty and orphanage care continues. 


These girls are JUST . LIKE . US . They are smart and ambitious and quirky and sassy - why shouldn't they have a chance to take care of themselves independently, work hard for their families and provide a good living where they and their children will not be hungry. 


The answer I found, after lots of prayer and tears, was that they needed to become eligible in the employment market. They key to that? EDUCATION. 


Completing a College course or University program enables these girls to enter the workforce with security, knowledge, skills and every chance at an independent life! These programs in Haiti are not expensive, with each program running roughly $200-300 per year! 


At the end of the day, if we can change even ONE future - all the efforts will be worth it! 


I pray that people's hearts are opened to the real life situations of these real life girls with real life futures. That is the most we can hope for - compassion and love. If you can spare even $10, trust me, it will be put to FAR better use with a far longer term benefit than a quick drive through lunch or a few cups of coffee. 


Thank you! 



- Annelien Williamson






Meet our Students!




We have full stories on each student that we help through Project Loved available on our website. You can follow their experience on this journey, see how they are doing with their studies and listen to their hopes and dreams for the future, knowing you are making a difference for them! Click here to meet them! 




How You Can Help




Your donations are hugely appreciated and every penny helps. You can keep track of each child's individual story right here on our website to see what their goals and dreams are, how they are doing in school and much more! 


Group Scholarships

Your family, church or group can also provide a scholarship for a child! It is easy for your group to provide a full yearly scholarship for a child! You will receive photos, letters and plenty of updates on the child benefiting from your scholarship. And yes, you can send them letters, cards and photos so that they know who you are! Contact us here. 




Every year we host several FUNdraiser events including 5K's, Concerts, Dinners and more. 


Spread the word

Someone in your circle may well be interested in a corporate scholarship or merchandise. We truly appreciate you sharing the success stories, events and products with others and liking/sharing the posts on social media. You can find us on Facebook by clicking HERE. 





                      We thank you for your support of this Project 

           and your participation in giving them a better future!







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Read More:

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